Thursday, March 31, 2005

Teresa Goes Up the Stairs, Teresa Goes Down the Stairs

So. Umm. WHOA. Last night's Lost, huh? Let me say I was totally freaked out by Locke's dream. And I was also a little freaked out by Locke's toupee in the flashback scenes, but that's a different matter. Of course this episode didn't really answer any big questions, (we still don't REALLY know how Locke lost the use of his legs) and just raised more (what did they say on that radio transmission? That they were no survivors of flight 815? That THEY were the survivors of 815? When did Nigeria become a hot bed of heroin smuggling?).

Of course the big question remains just what the hell is that thing buried in the ground? Some posit that it's a UFO (ala Stephen King's "Tommyknockers") but I don't really buy that. Call me naive when it comes to alien crafts, but for some reason I don't think a UFO would have Western numbers printed on its side...So what could it be? I'm going to have to watch the episode again, and try and get a better look at it...

Anything else I should look for?


JessRedRose said...

Big question: why are Locke's parents his age? WHY? Only the island can tell us!!!

About the thing in the ground... HQ for the scientists studying the island? I like the "sociological experiment" theory.

Rain said...

Yeah. Swoozie being his mother and not his girlfriend was a little distracting. I think we were supposed to believe he was in his early 40s or something (hence the toupe) but it didn't quite work...

I just can't come up with a logical theory for the thing in the ground, like a "Oh, it HAS to be such and such" thought, and that annoys me!! Does the chamber/cylinder have to do with the sickness that killed everyone Rousseau was with? What was that sickness anyway, and why hasn't anyone else gotten it? Is the SOURCE of the sickness in there, and if they open it, everyone will die? What about the monster? (I think we can blame the polar bears on Walt, and be done with that.) Are there scientists in there who released some kind of biological agent on the island that killed all of Frenchy's friends?

As for next week, will Boone die? Will Claire? Will the death of Claire throw Charlie into such a tailspin that he'll run into the woods in despair, discover the plane and drugs, and get hooked again?

So. Many. Questions!

JessRedRose said...

I feel like there is either some kind of scientific explanation - or some kind of magical or paranormal explanation. Or maybe it's the same thing - I can't figure it out.

I don't want Boone to die. I only started liking his character in this episode. Maybe Shannon will give the island her life in exchange for his! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

I thought the episode was great, but I was so freakin' irritated by the patently ignorant mistake of confusing a "virgin birth" with an "immaculate conception". An "immaculate conception" means that a child is conceived without the "stain" of original sin (immaculate means "without stain").

I know that this is totally pedantic (and makes me sound kind of religious-scary), but I have a tendency to get hung up on dumb-ass shit like that. Maybe the frequent confusion between the two terms should become the topic of my most boring SFist Rants ever?


Rain said...

I'll admit to still not understanding the difference between virgin birth and immaculate conception--don't both mean, bluntly, there was no nooky involved? I'm all for the rant, here or on SFist, so you can learn this ignorant fool!

In any case, the woman was pretending to be batshit crazy, so I'll forgive it on those grounds. For now.

Chuck said...

Immaculate conception is a Catholic thing, and refers to the birth of the Virgin Mary. It means that when Mary's parents Joachim and Anna had sex, the Holy Spirit intervened and caused Mary to be born without the stain of the Original Sin, so that she'd be a perfect vessel for the mother of Christ.

Virgin birth is both a Catholic and Protestant thing, and refers to the birth of Jesus Christ. It means that Mary became pregnant without ever having had sex with Joseph.

(And I didn't know the difference, either, what with being Protestant and all. I just now read it on The Straight Dope, where it also came up in reference to "Lost.")

Rain said...

Thanks for the info, Chuck.

Now can I chastise you for reading posts about "Lost" when you haven't seen any of the shows yet? You're gonna spoil yourself!!