Friday, March 25, 2005

The First Time...Ever I Saw Your....AAAAAHHHGH!

I watched two episodes of Chasing Farrah last night, and it sucked. Which, yeah, wow, that's a shocker! But the one fascinating thing about the show, and the one thing that kept me glued to the set, was how incredibly scary Farrah Fawcett looks now.

Now, I am not one to disparage a gal because she's getting older, and is no longer the youthful beauty she once was. That's life. But when you do all you can to try and reverse that, and end up looking downright scary in the process, and then you DENY that you've even had any plastic surgery, well then--THEN you are ripe for ridicule.

That said, I have to admit her bod is still pretty awesome.

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