Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Body Blow! Left...Left...

OK. I admit it. I watched The Contender last night. I've always had a perverse fascination with boxing--is there any other sport more pure? While other sports are about beating the competition, boxing is, literally, about beating the competition. And I have a soft-spot for those boxer mugs. So, yes, I watched it. And I kind of enjoyed it.

But MAN, was the cheese laid on thick. If I had to listen to one more boxer talk about how the reason he's doing this is so he can make a better life for his family, I was gonna punch myself in the face. (There was no one else around, and why subject the cat to such needless violence?) Also, there was something more than a little disturbing in how the show manipulates the viewer into caring about these guys, only to watch two of them get beaten to a bloody pulp at the show's end.

That said, the fight seemed awfully short. (Such brutality! And for such a short period!)

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