Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Stay Out of Trouble. Don't Do Drugs!

What can I say? Last night's episode of "The Amazing Race" was...amazing. Its two-hours of excitement almost--ALMOST--makes up for the fact that next week's episode is a clip show. Boo!

Like I said, the fact that there was going to be a non-elimination round in there was a foregone conclusion. I'm just glad it was given to Meredith ("Meredith is the guy!") and Gretchen. If they had been eliminated after suffering a massive head wound, that would have been pretty sad. (Even if they are kind of...annoying.) The added insult of having EVERYTHING stripped from them except their passports actually doesn't seem to have mattered. I think the producers finally realized that taking away the contestants money in non-elim rounds always turns into a big MacGuffin, but I don't think taking away their clothes and stuff will really make it any worse. Unless they take away their medication and glasses, too. THEN it might get interesting.

As for part two, of course it's all about the car crash. I love the brothers. LOVE them. I was sad to see that unfortunate accident happen to them, because it wasn't like they were being dicks and driving recklessly. It was, simply, an accident. It was a good thing that Lynn and Alex stopped (not that it actually helped anyone) and it was a real assholish thing that Rob and Amber did not stop. (Slow down and give the obligatory "Is everything all right?", dickhead. Jeeze.) But Lynn and Alex's constant "THEY JUST DROVE BY!" comments to anyone who would listen was, in the end, almost worse than what Rob and Amber did. We get it. You don't like Rob and Amber. You're SOOOOOO much better than them. Now please shut up.

And yes, Rob and Amber suck. Amber's inability to make a decision at the Fast Forward proved once and for all that she adds nothing to the team, except for the fact that people recognize her all over the world. And you know what? That's not fair. It's called "unfair advantage" and it shouldn't have a place in the race. It seemed obvious that at the shopping Detour she was having trouble, and was taking a long time, if that fan hadn't come along and helped her, she probably would have been there for hours. If they end up winning, there will nothing, NOTHING fair about it.

I'm rooting for the Brothers. That footrace at the end had me on the edge of my seat, clapping for joy. And to top it off, it meant the end of Ray and Deana. WOO!

And, in case you were worried that their experience on the show was going to put an end to their relationship, don't be. Apparently, they're still together.

Oh, the humanity.


Anonymous said...

I'll try this previous comment has somehow dissappeared into bloggo limbo.
I have to agree with you, Ramber definitely have an "unfair advantage"...who would have thought they'd have fans around every corner helping them out. No way Amber could have done that shopping in time...I've said it before, she's just along for the ride. And I also agree they could have stopped for a second at the crash, but that didn't bother me so much, as the Nathan Lanes were already there and I think they could tell they weren't really needed. I still enjoy watching Ramber, but in all fairness, I hope they don't win. This is not a level playing field. I don't think even the producers realized how incredibly "world famous" they are.
So glad to see the last of Ray and, that guy is an ***hole! I didn't care too much for Deana either, seems such a loser...and what was wrong with her eye ? Did he wallop her ?
Love the brothers...that footrace at the end was thrilling...haven't screamed and yelled like that since the Kentucky Derby !

Rain said...

I was wondering about Deana's eye too. I think it may just have been a reaction to all the dust and dirt and stuff, but then again there was that moment when they were mashing the cornmeal and Ray seemed to have hit her in the head, and she reacted with an "Ouch!" He ignored her and told her it was nothing or something, and she told him he's supposed to apologize when that was a brief moment, but maybe that's when the wallop occured.