Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Lost Dreams

"Lost" is a rerun tonight, and next week, and for once I am actually glad about that because NBC has chosen to move American Dreams to 8:00 on Wednesdays. Way to give the show a chance, guys! I love "American Dreams" and fully admit that it is all kinds of cheesy and sappy and silly. But c'mon. A show set in the mid-60s? How could I not watch it for the hairdos and outfits alone? The stunt casting of contemporary musical stars as 1960s performers can be hard to take at times (Kelly Clarkson is NO Brenda Lee!) but at least they get some original performance footage and songs in there as well.

I've also been liking the brother-returns-from-Vietnam storyline, and how he's coming to terms with having fought in a war that he thought was just, while more and more people around him are against it. Sounds oddly contemporary, doesn't it? If you haven't been watching, try and give it a chance before they go and cancel it. It's really a lot better than you'd think...

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