Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Disneyland Snack Pack Shack

Disneyland was fab, as it always is, if a little too crowded on the last day. The weather had finally cleared, so the hoards came en masse. Luckily, we got early entry the first day, and were able to get into the park an hour before the majority, which meant we were able to get on six rides with no lines what-so-ever. It was awesome.

Here are a few photos.

Here we see Goofy fleeing from his adoring fans.

Pluto running from the dog-catcher. Might be rabies. It was actually kind of weird how many Disney characters I saw just running at full speed around the park.

Things were going great until we decided to get a Fantasy Funnelcake. It was actually more of a nightmare, as you can probably tell.

This is my favorite photo of the trip. It looks so unreal. And I love the blurred Monorail train on the right...


Chuck said...

You didn't mention the cat from Pinnochio running through Main Street towards the bathroom, holding his tail in his hand. It was disturbing. I'm going to sue.

Rain said...

I didn't see that! You see? There was something up with those characters this weekend! Maybe in every instance they were running to the bathrooms. Perhaps some bad Character Chow in the commissary?