Tuesday, March 29, 2005

How Much Excitement Can One Person Take?

Don't forget: Tonight's episode of "The Amazing Race" is two-hours long. I think they're trying to avoid that annoying "to be continued" episode we had last season (remember? When Bolo and Lori looked doomed?) and are putting the cliff-hanger (and I think I mean that literally, as previews showed some blood on grandma, and a flipped car for, possibly, the brothers) in the middle of the episode. Betcha there's a non-elimination round in there! Also, here's something completely uninteresting: an interview with that whiny punk Patrick!

And for those who are bummed that "The Office" (which, I will admit, was really funny last week) is on at the same time, have no fear. Episodes will be re-run on CNBC, USA, AND Bravo. Sheesh! OK! We'll watch it already! Jeeze.

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Anonymous said...

Could anyone out there actually read the whole interview? I couldn't. It just amazes me how clever this idiot thinks he is.