Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The French Chick Says Hi

Don't forget! There's a new episode of Lost tonight at 8! Finally!

Unfortunately, it's on the same time as the season--and possibly series--finale of American Dreams. But that's what TiVo, and VCRs are for, right? I just hope that Meg doesn't actually run off with that punk Jess, or whatever the hell his name is on this series. Doesn't matter, he's still playing the same selfish, "Oh, I'm such a sensitve rebel!" asshole he played on Gilmore Girls. Somebody draft him and make him flee to Canada or something. Please?

1 comment:

Rain said...

OK... When I said somebody draft him and I meant make him GO AWAY ALONE. Not drag Meg along with him. Crap! If this is the end of the series, with her living in Berkely with that little shit, I'll be so pissed. Why oh why do shows that feature plucky, intelligent girls always have to give us storylines that involve them abandoning their lives to be with some jerk of a guy?

Please, NBC. Renew this, and have Meg come back after abandoning Mr. Sideburns in California.