Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Search Terms 'R' Us

I find it endlessly amusing finding out how some people stumble onto this blog. So here's a collection of search terms, in no particular order, that have lead people, somehow, to Musty TV in the past month or so:

beyonce awful french (indeed)
amy poehler one leg (love it)
martha's poncho
eva pigford walk, eva pigford photo, eva pigford boyfriend (I think I mentioned her ONCE, people!)
mini me's gotta pee
my family's always been in meat (I just love that someone out there did a search on that quote!)
trump or monkey
farrah fawcett on letterman
endurance hawaii hot pic (OK...being that the show features teenagers, that's just wrong)
billy crudup mastercard commercial
4 8 15 16 23 42
i'm a pepper
tape of oprah's beef scandal (there's an album title or band name in that one)
And lastly:
amy sedaris huge boobs (really?)

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