Saturday, July 31, 2004

"That Was a Cool Episode of Colonial House!"

Had to quote my Mom--that's what she had to say coming out of The Village . Here's what I have to say: Hey, Night, you know that trick some people can do, where they pull out the tablecloth from underneath a fully set table, without knocking anything over? Yeah. That's cool. You know what else is cool? Sitting down to a nice dinner.

OK. Maybe I'm stretching the metaphor a little there. I just think he should try making a movie that isn't dependent on the fact that there's a twist in there. Move on, man. Move on.

Six Feet Under and Over and Over Again

So, I've caught up with this season of Six Feet Under and I just have to ask: Am I supposed to be entertained by this? Seeing characters make the same mistakes over and over again for four years? I mean, if they were making *different* mistakes, that could be fun. But seeing people make the same bad decisions repeatedly is tiring, both in real life and in my entertainment.

The begining of a new era!

look at me everybody! I have a blog!

One of these days it'll actually be a real grown up site, but because I'm a bit of a tard when it comes to the whole "Internet" thing, I've gotta start here...