Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Halloween! Almost!

Starting tomorrow, I will once again be joining in on the blog-based Countdown to Halloween, even though no one ever blogs any more, and this here blog has been as good as dead for the past year.

But Halloween is coming, and that's a fitting time to bring something back from the dead, isn't it? And I've been a part of this countdown since...good god, can it really be? Since 2007?!?

As in years past, I will be posting daily about some Halloween-appropriate movie, special, or TV show that will be airing that day/night. That means you'll have (at least!) 31 things worth checking out on TV by the end of the month. But if you ain't got no time for that, you can at least check out an appropriate trailer or clip right here throughout October.

Tune in tomorrow at 9AM for the first entry!