Tuesday, January 31, 2012

December Round-Up - 2011

I just got done with a crazy week of birthday celebrating, which included a party and a trip to Disneyland. I'm still recovering, so this post is going to have to be a bit on the brief side.

So without further ado, here is a final look at 2011...

Movies Seen: Eleven, with five in a theater. Click through to read my reviews of four of them:

The Sitter
We Bought a Zoo
The Grey

The fourth theatrical viewing was Hugo, which I did like, but didn't love. It's was beautiful to look at, and touching at times, but really went on way too long.

None of the DVDs I watched was worth mentioning.

Books Read: Only two, but one of those books was over 800 pages long. That book was Stephen King's 11/22/63. Click through to read my brief thoughts on the matter. I could go further into it, but that would be spoiler-rific...

The other book was Joan Didion's Blue Nights, which I read in a night, and is good, but not quite as devastating as her Year of Magical Thinking.

Fancy Dinners Out: Four! It was Christmastime. Imbibing is de rigueur that time of year! The fanciest night was an evening at the Bella Vista in Woodside. It involved a limo full of friends, and lots of flaming foods. Check out my blog Flambabes for some video from the evening.

Bix has daily lunch during December, so that was a must. The most amazing part of that meal had to be the truffled deviled eggs. OMG so good.

We took my mother to the Buckeye for a birthday lunch, and the highlight of THAT meal had to be their oysters bingo. I could eat a dozen of those myself, easily.

Finally, there was a dinner at La Traviata, which is always good.

Live Shows Seen: One! The San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker, which, as always, was tons of fun.

Shoes Bought: I don't think I bought any shoes for myself, but I did get a pair of new Keds for Christmas.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Year In Pictures

December 31st, 2011December 30th, 2011December 29th, 2011December 28th, 2011December 27th, 2011December 26th, 2011
December 25th, 2011December 24th, 2011December 23rd, 2011December 22nd, 2011December 21st, 2011December 20th, 2011
December 19th, 2011December 18th, 2011December 17th, 2011December 16th, 2011December 15th, 2011December 14th, 2011
December 13th, 2011December 12th, 2011December 11th, 2011December 10th, 2011December 9th, 2011December 8th, 2011

Picture the Day - 2011, a set on Flickr.

At the beginning of 2011, I decided I'd try and take a picture every day and post it on Flickr. Miraculously, I did just that, and that set is now 365 pictures full. Check it out!

I'm kind of amazed I accomplished it, and with only two mistakes: There was one day when I totally forgot, and ended up taking a picture that was technically the following day since it was about two in the morning.

The other "mistake" is I posted a picture of me that someone else took, so technically I suppose it doesn't count. But it was taken with my camera, and on the day, so....I let it slide.

Oh, and I also found out the date set on one of my cameras was wrong, so some pictures taken with my SLR are dated wrong.

Since it wasn't really a hard habit to keep up with, I've decided to keep it up in 2012. If nothing else, I'll be prepared to document the coming apocalypse!