Friday, October 31, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 31

Happy Halloween!

Per usual, I feel like this month went by in a flash, and I can't believe it's already time to put on those costumes, and go toilet paper some houses!

But if you're the type who prefers treats to tricks, there are pleeeeeeenty of movies to choose from today. And, yes, Turner Classic Movies is choice number one, with a nonstop marathon of great flicks to choose from. Here's the line-up, from 9:15AM on:

9:15AM - The Tingler - Vincent Price meets William Castle.

12:15PM  - Dementia 13 - Francis Ford Coppola's second first movie.

1:45 PM - Carnival of Souls - One of the best low-budget horror movies ever, and probably the best movie ever shot in Utah.

3:15 PM - Repulsion - Roman Polanski directs Catherine Deneuve to insanity.

5:00 PM - Night of the Living Dead - The It's a Wonderful Life of Halloween movies.

7:00 PM - Curse of the Demon - British horror from a master of film noir, Jacques Tourner.

8:45 PM - House Of Wax - Vincent Price meets 3D.

10:30 PM - Poltergeist - I saw this 11 times when it came out in 1982.

12:30 AM - Strait-Jacket - Joan Crawford wields an ax and a charm bracelet.

2:15 AM - Eyes Without a Face - The only movie in this list I've never seen!

Phew! That's enough right? What's missing? Oh yeah---HALLOWEEN, the movie! You have two choice: AMC at 3PM--although they tend to edit their movies, and show them in the wrong aspect ratio--or on Sundance at 10PM--a channel that's a little inconsistent with how they present their movies. But, either is better than nothing?

I want to thank everyone for stopping by this month; it's been great fun! I'd like to tip a hat (on top of a severed head) to all the other blogs that participated, and give a big thanks to the guys at Countdown to Halloween for putting it together again this year.

Have a great Halloween, everyone! See you next year!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 30

Wow. It's almost Halloween! How time flies when you're writing about creepy movies, trying to get a costume together, and oh yeah, watching your home team win the WORLD SERIES! GIANTS WOOOOO!

Sorry. Had to get that out. And hopefully the couch burning maniacs in town are suffering the worst hangovers of their lives right now.

Speaking of maniacs, the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is on Syfy at 5PM and 11:10PM, PST. I'm not sure if Syfy is going to cut the movie up for broadcast, but if you actually compare it to some of the gore found in Syfy's made-for-TV movies, it's not that graphic, so maybe they won't. In fact, if you compare it to pretty much any torture porn horror movie of late, it looks positively demure. It just feels a lot bloodier than it actually is, because it looks so...grimy. And cheap. And...well, almost like the snuff film a lot of people were convinced it was. But no, it's just a really effective bit of low budget film making.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 29

Come on now. You can't let Halloween go by without watching Psycho! 5PM on--you guessed it!-- TCM.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 28

Horror movie anthologies are the theme tonight on TCM, with five movies in the line-up. But if you consider each little story within those films to be little movies until themselves, well, you're getting over 15 movies!

Here's the line-up (all times PST):

Dead of Night - 5PM - Perhaps the best creepy ventriloquist dummy movie ever.

Twice Told Tales - 7PM - Vincent Price in three stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Kwaidan - 9:15PM - Japanese ghost stories!

The House that Dripped Blood - Midnight - Four stories by Robert Bloch. Staring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Denholm Elliott.

Torture Garden - 2AM - Burgess Meredith as a sideshow mystic who predicts the fates of four patrons. Audience in 1967 were handed packets of "fright seeds" to grow their on Torture Gardens. Hmmmm.....

Monday, October 27, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 27

Late late late tonight, at 3AM on TCM, watch one of the first horror movies ever made. The classic 1922 version of Nosferatu also features one of the creepiest vampires ever created. He's so creepy that his look has been copied in countless horror movies ever since. That's almost 100 years of flattery in the form of imitation!

It's also a movie in the public domain, so here's a version to check out right here and now!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 26

The 1941 version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring Spencer Tracy, Ingrid Bergman, and Lana Turner, is my favorite version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, for one reason only. This scene:

The rest of the movie is pretty good too. Watch it at 5PM, PST, on TCM.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 25

Once again TCM is the place to be. Basically, just turn on the TV right now, and leave it on the channel for the rest of the day. Here's the line-up (all times PST):

Blood From the Mummy's Tomb - 9:15AM - It's about a female mummy. No, not a mommy. Based on a Bram Stoker story.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - 11AM - If you grew up in the 80's and ever watched PBS, it's pretty likely you saw this version of the musical starring Angela Lansbury at leasy ten times.

Mad Love - 1:30PM  -A mad doctor, transplanted knife-thrower hands, and Peter Lorre. That's pretty much all you ever need.

The Birds - 2:45PM - Melanie Daniels makes friends with the locals in Bodega Bay.

The Haunting - 5PM - The best haunted house movie ever made.

Village of the Damned - 7PM - Little blonde kids can be hella creepy. Especially when they have English accents.

The Curse of Frankenstein - 8:30PM - Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. The dynamic horror duo.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 24

When I was a teenager, my favorite comic book was Alan Moore's "Swamp Thing." Naturally, I eventually became a fan of the spin-off, "Hellblazer," about a trench coat-wearing, cigarette-smoking, demon chaser named John Constantine; he also kinda looked like Sting, which was a bonus for this Police-obsessed girl.

Eventually, a terrible movie version was released, starring Keanu Reeves as Constantine. And now we have another version, this time a TV series on NBC, starring an actual Brit. Whether it's good or not, who knows, though buzz hasn't been stellar. I'm gonna watch the hell(blazer) out of it, though.

"Constantine" premieres at 10PM, PST, on NBC.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 23

Yes, I am once again recommending something on TCM. What can I say? When it comes to spooky cinema in October, they're the best bet since their movies are commercial free and (usually) widescreen.

Tonight is ghost story night, and here's the line-up (all times PST).

The Innocents at 5PM, and ultra spooky version of Henry James's The Turn of the Screw.

The Uninvited, about a haunted mansion in coastal England, at 7PM.

The Woman in White, based on Wilkie Collin's book, at 9PM.

Night of Dark Shadows, the second movie based on the TV series "Dark Shadows," at 11PM.

And the Nicole Kidman ghost story The Others, at 1AM.

(Of all of the above, The Innocents is probably the best bet.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 22

So, John Carpenter's The Fog is set to air on TCM at 11:15pm, PST, but the last time they aired it, it wasn't a widescreen version, which is a crime against cinema, so I recommend it here with trepidation.

Speaking of crimes against cinema, Night of the Lepus is also on TCM tonight, at 3AM. If you've never heard of Night of the Lepus, I have three words for you: giant killer bunnies.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 21

It's Edgar G. Ulmer night on TCM. Ulmer was a director who did amazing things on limited budgets, and was eventually known as "the king of the B's" for his B-movie work. His most well-known movie is probably Detour, which is a claustrophobic little noir that's just over an hour long. (You can watch that at midnight, or on YouTube right now.)

Of tonight's offerings, the most appropriate for inclusion here is probably The Amazing Transparent Man.

You can watch it late tonight at 1:15am, PST, on TCM, followed by a documentary about Ulmer at 2:15AM. (Yep. The movie is that short!)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 20

Let's stick with Hitchcock for another day. Saboteur is one of his earlier movies, but you can certainly see the Hitchcock in it, with its "wrong man" story line, and especially in the climax at (and on) the Statue of Liberty. Hitch loved to see his characters climbing, clinging, and falling from historic places.

Watch it at 5PM, PST, on TCM.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 19

 Marnie isn't one of Hitchcock's best movies, but I love it despite its many flaws.

Hitchcock made one of his cheeky trailers for film, complete with some riffs worthy of "Mystery Science Theater 3000." Also, Sean Connery, stop looking at me like that! You're making me blush.

Watch it at 5PM, PST, on TCM

Also tonight, it's the annual Halloween episode of "The Simpsons," "Treehouse of Horror XXV," with opening credits from director Guillermo de Toro. 8PM, PST, on Fox.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 18

It's another John Carpenter movie. Halloween and John Carpenter just go hand in hand, obviously. But tonight's movie was actually made before Halloween. It's 1976's Assault on Precinct 13, which is basically a Western set in a Los Angeles police precinct.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fans may want to watch it just to see--Spoiler alert!--Kim Richards get shot in the chest through an ice cream cone. (Her sister, Kyle, would show up two years later in Halloween, as Lindsay.)

Watch the whole thing at 11:30PM, PST, on TCM.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 17

I saw John Carpenter's They Live the week it opened in 1988, and I remember talking to the friend I went with afterwards about it. We couldn't decide if it was the worst movie we had ever seen, or the best.

I'm still not sure. But I am pretty sure those who've seen it know that this is the film's best scene...Or is it the worst?

 Watch the whole movie at midnight, PST, on Sundance.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 16

William Castle's 1963 version of The Old Dark House is not as funny as James Whale's 1932 version, but it does have main titles done by Charles Addams, which is appropriate, as it's a very "Addams Family"-esque movie.

Alas, there was no patented William Castle gimmick to go along with this one.  Watch it at 6:30PM, PST, on TCM.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 15

A holiday isn't a real holiday unless there's a Peanuts TV special that goes along with it. Yes, tonight our treat is "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" at 8:30PM, PST on ABC, which means Halloween is REAL!

One of these days I'll be Charlie Brown's holy ghost costume, I swear.

The Peanuts is preceded by "Toy Story OF TERROR" at 8PM. If you're a Toy Story fan, you'll absolutely love it. If you're not...well, you make me SICK!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 14

There's nothing worth watching on TV today, horror wise, so I'm giving you a free movie to watch right here instead. It's terrible. Like, really, really terrible. It's called Death Bed: The Bed That Eats, and it's about a bed that eats...people!

I, like probably most of the people who've bothered to watch this ridiculous movie, first heard about it from comedian Patton Oswalt, who did any entire bit about it, captures on his comedy album "Werewolves and Lollipops." Here. Listen to it right now!

Of course you want to watch the movie now, right? Be my guest! But you're gonna have to get past the first two minutes first, which is a blank screen and the sounds of someone eating an apple. Brilliance!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 13

Ask people to name the scariest horror movie they've ever seen, and I betcha The Exorcist comes up for the majority. I wouldn't put it up there at the top of my list, as I didn't find it that scary--I didn't have a religious upbringing, so none of the religious stuff gets to me much--but it's certainly one of the most uncomfortable horror movies ever made. Having foul language come of the mouth of a young girl is creepy, and need I mention the unmentionable things done with a crucifix?

But this is perhaps the film's most uncomfortable moment...

Way to end a cocktail party!

You can watch the whole movie on IFC at 6PM, PST.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 12

The fifth season of "The Walking Dead" premieres on AMC at 9PM, PST. Last we saw Rick and the gang, they were locked in a shipping container, most likely being fattened up for the slaughter by a gang of cannibals.

Sheesh, even in a post-apocalyptic hellspace, there will be some people who just REFUSE to eat vegetarian.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 11

Blacula and Scream Blacula Scream. Need I say more?

Oh right, showtimes! 11:15PM and 1AM. Both PST.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 10

It may not be the best Evil Dead movie, but it is A Evil Dead movie, and that means it's good enough for inclusion here. I am, of course, talking about Army of Darkness, the third movie in the original trilogy.

So listen up you primitive screwheads! Obey my boomstick, and watch it at 11:30AM PST on IFC.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 9

Today's pick is on late, late tonight, at 1:15AM PST on TCM. It's a Japanese ghost story filmed from 1959 by director Nobuo Nakagawa, and it's called The Ghost of Yotsuya.

I haven't seen it, and until this week, had never even heard of it. But it's history as a kabuki play, based on one of Japan's most famous ghost stories, means I'm intrigued!

The only clip on YouTube is in Japanese, and isn't very interesting, but I'll tell you what is. That image on the left there. That should be enough incentive to watch!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 8

The fourth season of "American Horror Story" premieres tonight at 10PM PST on FX, and this season the setting is a freak show. Season after season I have a lot of problems with the show, sometimes concerning the treatment of its female characters, other times with its very sloppy storytelling. And yet, I continue to watch, mainly because Jessica Lange is so, so good it in.

She's back this season, thank goodness, but I'm sure the show will continue to push that proverbial envelope, while not really caring how all the pieces of the story fit together. And I'll be there, again, watching against my better judgement.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 7

For some reason, David Cronenberg's 1983 movie version of the Stephen King novel The Dead Zone was endlessly watchable to me and my friends. I had a copy on VHS, and I know we spent more than one afternoon watching it after school. I think one friend had a crush on Christopher Walken, so that was part of it. Another aspect was that some parts are kind of...silly, and therefore endlessly quotable, ("I? Am the boy?!" "The GONNA BREAK!").

But maybe the biggest part was, it's a really good, simple horror movie, and holds up to multiple viewings. Watch it (again) at 7:45PM PST on Sundance.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 6

So, yesterday's entry was for the season finale of "The Strain," another entry into the genre of TV vampires. It got me thinking of good and bad TV vampires, and I instantly remembered the 1979 miniseries Salem's Lot, based on the Stephen King book. Sure, you look at it now, and it's kind of dated. But I will never forget watching it with a friend during an overnight stay, and being scared shitless over this scene:

I remember we teased each other after that, by making that scratching sound, and saying "Open the window!"

I wish I could tell you the whole thing will be on TV today, but, alas, it's not, and doesn't seem to be on any kind of (legal) streaming source either. But since today's movie choice were kind of slim, I figure one little treat was better than a trick.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 5

Not much in the way of horror today, unless you consider bad TV horrifying.

The season finale of "The Strain" is on at 10PM PST on FX, and...I have to admit, I've been underwhelmed. It's turning out to be almost as dumb as the book it was based on, and I've continued to watch because that's what I do. I need to see things to their completion. But I don't think there's anything the finale could do to make me want to watch the second season, although I AM a little intrigued by those vampire-slaying-vampires, and what they're all about.

I continue, however, the think the Master is one of the goofiest looking vampires ever.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 4

There are few movies as deeply disturbing and creepy as Michael Powell's 1960 cult classic, Peeping Tom. I remember seeing it when I was around 12 or 13 years old, at a local revival house theater, and coming away from it feeling like maybe I should take a shower. Not that it's lurid or gross or anything like that. It's just kind of...perverse? Sick? Twisted? Awesome?

Watch it on TCM at 3PM, PST.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 3

Today's TV offerings were slim, so I'm giving you a bonus treat, something you can watch right here, right now.

It's called "Amelia," and it's the final story from the fabulous 1975 made-for-TV movie, Trilogy of Terror, starring Karen Black. Of course, most people don't know of it as "Amelia." They know of it as "The One With That Crazy Fucking Zuni Fetish Doll."

It's also the best part of the movie. Click "full screen," sit back, and prepare to laugh till you scream.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 2

While Topper is definitely NOT a horror movie, it still has kind of a spooky premise: Cary Grant and Constance Bennett play an irresponsible, rich couple who die in a car crash, turn into ghosts with no entry into heaven or hell, who then decide helping their boring banker friend Topper to live it up a bit will be their ticket to heaven. So, not scary. But GHOSTS!

It's on TCM at 5PM PST, or you can watch the entire movie right here right now!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Happy Happy Halloween!

The Countdown to Halloween has official begun, and there are plenty of other blogs participating. Be sure to visit the official Countdown to Halloween site for a complete list of places to get your tricks and treats on!

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 1

Happy October, kiddies! Let's get this party started!

IFC is airing the full-length versions of both Grindhouse movies tonight, starting with Planet Terror at 6PM and Death Proof at 8:15PM (PST). I'm not sure where the fake trailers are worked into these presentations (if at all), but here's my fave from the original double feature release.