Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Maniacal Movie Countdown Is Back! And Better than Ever!

Come and knock on my door! I've been waiting for you!

Hello all you ghouls and ghosts, and welcome to my 13th year participating in the Countdown to Halloween!

If you've knocked on my door in the past, you may remember the theme of my countdown has always been recommendations. In the beginning, it was finding horror movies or specials you could watch that day or night on broadcast and cable TV, in the dark days before streaming. Eventually I cut the cord and joined the streaming revolution, but I still mainly recommended any favorites I could find online.

But this year, I thought I'd do something a little different because, well, 2020. I spend almost all of my free time at home these days, trying to avoid the Masque of the Red Death, as it were, so what better time than now to watch a bunch of horror movies I've actually never seen before?

So, every day I will be posting my reaction to a new-to-me movie I've watched, along with clips, trailers, and other treats. And while my list of 31 films is almost full, I do have a few slots open. So if you have a horror fave you think has been overlooked or is woefully unknown, let me know about it in the comments, and I may just give it a look.

Please also be sure to visit the many other blogs participating in the Countdown, for some virtual trick or treating (the real kind is much too scary this year!). You can find a complete list in the right sidebar of the Countdown site.

And because I won't be including The Night of the Living Dead in the countdown this year (though I will watch it; it is, after all, the It's a Wonderful Life of Halloween movies), I'll leave you with a treat: my favorite quote in the movie.