Saturday, September 30, 2017

This Blog Is Alive! ALIVE!

Yes kiddies, this blog is once again coming back from the dead in order to participate in the blog-based Countdown to Halloween.

And this time it's a big one. It's my TENTH year participating in the countdown. Ten years! I can hardly believe it. Ten years ago I wasn't active on Facebook or Twitter, and Instagram didn't exist. Blogging was my main outlet for whining speaking to the world, and I did a lot of it. Check out the archives on the right for proof. Or just jump back to that first Countdown post here.

But this year I'm going to do something a little different. In the past, I would list at least one scary movie or Halloween themed TV show that was airing somewhere on cable each day of the countdown. But since I no longer have cable, (yes, I cut the cord! Me! Who watches too much TV and brags about it!) and tend to have no real idea when things are actually airing anymore, I'm going to be a little less rigid with the countdown.

I still watch TCM, albeit streaming now, and they're always the go-to for good fare this time of year, so I'm sure I'll be letting you know when they've got something worth checking out on a given day. And I DO still have broadcast TV, and there's actually some good stuff to be found there, too.

But there may be days where I'll just want to talk about a good scary movie that you can watch online, or in theaters. Or I may just post a spooky YouTube video. Or some clips from my favorite horror flicks. Or something else entirely! Who knows! It's my 10th Anniversary with the countdown. Anything could happen!

So tune in tomorrow, October 1st, for the beginning of my favorite time of year, and the rebirth of this dusty and musty corner of the interwebs.