Friday, September 30, 2011

Are You Ready? You Better GET Ready!

Once again, for the entire month of October, I will be partaking in the great bloggy Countdown to Halloween. This will be the fifth year in a row I've participated, and that in itself is something to be celebrated, methinks!

So, starting tomorrow, be sure to check in here daily for a recommendation of something Halloweeny to watch on TV. Most of the time it will be some kind of movie, but sometimes it might be a Halloween special, or some other kind of spookiness. (And note, all air times will be PST, and sometimes local San Francisco channels might be listed.)

When Halloween stuff started showing up in stores at the beginning of September, I found that a little annoying. But I think the entire month of October is open season for all things Halloween, so from here on out, I say BRING IT.


bookman187 said...

I will now be checking out your blog on a regular basis, thanks to the Crypt Keeper's Count Down to Halloween.

Rain said...