Monday, October 01, 2007

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 1

I don't know why I would voluntarily do something that would require me to spend even more time blogging, but I guess I'm a masochist. A lot of my favorite blogs are doing some really cool Halloween countdowns, (check out Secret Fun Blog, Neato Ghoulville (nee Coolville), and Drunken Severed Head, to name just a few), so I thought I'd try something similar, finding a (hopefully) good horror, sci-fi, or thrill film (or Halloween special!) that will be airing each day of the month and posting something about it. That something might be nothing more than a YouTube clip, or an image, depending on just how frantic my day is going! (Also, this is all dependent on what cable has to offer on any given day, so the choices won't necessarily always reflect something I think is stupendously great.)

I wish I had access to all my old Musty TV newsletters (yes, that is all still trapped on my dead iBook), that could make this much easier, but such is life.

So, for today, October 1st, the movie is "Circle of Iron," which airs on Flix at 9:35pm tonight. It's a martial arts epic starring David Carradine, and is based on a story by Bruce Lee. I think it qualifies for the creepy movie list because there are some freaky monkey people in it! Check it out.

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