Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Is Anyone Gonna Give a Crap in Five Years?

Blah Blah, Leno is leaving. Yadda yadda, Conan is moving in. *Yawn* Whatever. Leno has been dead to me for years. (Does anyone else remember when he used to be one of the funniest stand-ups out there, way back in the 80s? Didn't think so.) And while I love Conan, I can only hope that he'll still be funny in FIVE YEARS! Leno sure didn't get funnier with age.

But then again, I still laugh every night watching Letterman, so it's not impossible.

In other late night news, Craig Kilborn is officially gone, (praises be) and the guest hosts have taken over. But so far, Amy Sedaris is not amongst them. Come on people! SHE'S GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!

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Motown Maurice said...

The Future of Late Night will appear very soon. Be aware and ready.