Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 13: The Legend of Hell House

For years I had assumed I had seen The Legend of Hell House, because in my mind I conflated it with The Haunting (based of course on the book The Haunting of Hill House), and The House on Haunted Hill. And, in a way, I was right! Because its similarities to both of those films can't be denied.

It probably most resembles The Haunting, with a set-up that includes two psychics...picked to live in a haunted house...where they stop being polite...and start getting real. In this case the two psychics are played by Roddy McDowell and Pamela Franklin, with Franklin really going full force into the part. She ain't afraid of no ghosts! Even if they sexually assault her and leave her bruised and beaten! (OK. I'll admit that bit was a little off-putting.)

The house is spooky, there's a cat (always a bonus), and the ending is really kind of wild. It's definitely a good addition to any haunted house movie marathon, (although it doesn't knock The Haunting off the top of that list for me).

  The Legend of Hell House is available to rent via several streaming services.


twelvechimesradio said...

I LOVE this film. Along with a few other films, LOHH is so much a part of my tween movie-watching years and is the foundation of all the film experiences after that. Need to watch it again soon!

Rain said...

Now I want to read the story!

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Every film needs a bonus black cat. lol

Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle

Rain said...
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Aimee Pavy said...

Okay just rented....excited!