Thursday, October 15, 2020

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 15: Relic

Relic, which was released earlier this year, is one of those horror movies that creeps up on you, and then kind of throws you for a loop. From the start, you know there's some creepy stuff going on, as an aging mother goes missing, and her adult daughter and granddaughter come to her house to figure out what happened to her.

It reminded me a bit of Hereditary, which also deals with family, heredity (duh), and things that may or may not be supernatural, all supported by stellar performances (Bella Heathcote, Emily Mortimer, and Kay Robyn Nevin are the three generations of women). But I actually liked Relic more. I felt Hereditary kind of whiffed its ending, while Relic sees what it sets up straight through (although I can definitely see some reacting to that ending with a big "WTF?!" as well).

But ultimately I think what makes both films work is how it works real life horrible situations everyone in this world must face, specifically, the pain of watching those we love age, and having those we love die, into conventional horror movie stories. It's a kind of horror that lingers with you a lot longer than watching a maniac cut someone up with a knife...

  Relic is available to rent from several streaming sources, including Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

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