Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nope. Nothing to See There.

This is the time of day when I usually link to my weekly SFist post. I'm sorry to break it to everyone, but there won't be a post today. Work and school were making it tougher for me to get to it on Wednesdays, so it'll be appearing on Mondays instead. That way I can devote time to it over the weekend. So, just think of this week's post as not appearing until next Monday. Breathe deeply. Everything's going to be fine.

Meanwhile, in honor of some recent conversations I've had about "Arrested Development," here's an interview with Jessica Walter, the actress who plays the family matriarch, Lucille. (Not to be confused with the Loose Seal that ate Buster's hand, or with Lucille 2, who is played by Liza Minnelli.)

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Jess Hutch said...

That image is from one of my favorite scenes of the season. GOD that show is the BEST.