Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 4: The Resident (2011)

I stumbled upon The Resident when I was looking up Hammer horror movies, and it was a title I'd never heard of. When I saw the director's name was Antti Jokinen, I knew, good or bad, I had to check it out.

And, alas, it is bad. Hilary Swank stars as an ER doctor looking for a new place to live (the dual meaning of the "resident" in the title may be the only clever thing about this movie). She finds a huge Brookyln apartment at the amazing price of $3,800 (!!) a month, and even though it all seems too good to be true, she moves in, instantly starts flirting with the building's owner, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, then almost as instantly regrets that decision. On the one hand: good decision, because he's a total psycho. On the other hand, bad decision, because he's a total psycho.

What follows is a pretty standard stalker story, with some seriously cringe-inducing and gross moments. It's a shame it ended up being Christopher Lee's last association with Hammer studios, though his role as the psycho's (possibly just as psycho) grandfather is only slightly above cameo level. 

By the time she made this movie, Hilary Swank had won two Oscars. It always astounds me how often winning Academy Awards doesn't seem to preclude actors from choosing to star in really terrible films as their careers go on...

I watched The Resident on Prime Video.

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