Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 18: Hellbender (2021)

One of my favorite discoveries during last year's countdown was The Deeper You Dig, which introduced me to the Adams Family, two sisters and their parents who make low-budget films, mostly horror, out of their Catskills home.

Their latest is Hellbender, starring mom Toby Poser and daughter Zelda Adams, as a mother and daughter who live together in a remote house in the woods. They spend their time practicing their two person rock band, Hellbender, while mom occasionally ventures into town for groceries. Teenager Izzy isn't allowed to come along, or talk with strangers, as she's been told it's too risky to her health. 

But soon Izzy begins to venture out on her own, and she realizes her mother has not been entirely truthful about her condition, or their family history

I think I liked this one a little bit more than The Deeper You Dig, though they'd really make a good double features. Two horror movies centered on a mother and daughter bond that is both unbreakable, and scary.

I watched Hellbender on Shudder.


Dex said...

I haven't seen The Deeper You Dig yet but Hellbender was a lot of fun and a bit different than the usual horror.

Thanks for being part of the Countdown! Your posts are giving me a list of stuff to check out...like I need more!

Rain said...

Thank you for keeping this countdown going and giving me an excuse to binge so much horror in the month of October (and same, like I need an excuse, ha!)

Dex said...

I average 4-5 horror flicks a month year round :D